***** 6.8 *****

New features/improvements:
- Added OnlyUsers option.
- Can track RPC request.
- HTMLHeadSection can accept \n in string.
- Add option MetaRobot.
- Increase seriously bot detection.
- Better detection of windows OS.
- Add condition HOSTINLOG in extra sections.
- Can show a full list for extrasection.

- Fixed pb in xml output for history files.
- Fixed a bug in awstats_configure.pl script.

- Updated some language files.
- Updated documentation.
- Updated browsers database and added following patches:
  775988 The lastest: minor Chinese search engine patch
  1735647 Chinese search engines for awstats 6.6
  1735646 robots patch: feedsky, contentmatch crawler, twiceler, yodao
  1735639 Browser patch for Lilina/potu reader
  1735637 Chinese translation file for awstats 6.6
  1533028 WordToCleanSearchUrl for baidu.com
  1384243 minor Chinese spider and search engine patch
  1569151 TOP 8 Chinese local search engines
  745359 Chinese(Simp) update: 6.5 awstats-cn.txt
  1569201 top Chinese browser and robot update: TT is not a robot
  1569229 Simplified Chinese language file update
  1569208 Browser update on potu rss reader and lilina rss reader
- Added a more complete xslt example.
- Remove some deprecated code.
- Update status of GeoIP City plugin database. A free version is
  now available like GeoIP Country database.

***** 6.7 *****

New features/improvements:
- Full support for -day option. To build different report for each day
- Added virtualenamequot tag
- Added option NotPageList
- Addes .jobs and .mobi domains

- Minor bug in awstats_configure.pl

- Updated some language files.
- Updated browsers database.